Remove Virus in Android

My niece have tablet pendopad when i scan using free Eset Mobile Security & Antivirus
Results malware found but cannot remove because of system app, so i search google how to remove manually without rooted phone.

Usb debugging enabled
OS Monitor
Adb toolsMD5: b02c8618b5426bd113e36d98131dfb88

1. Find the app name & process name you want to remove using OS Monitor
example we want to remove system app name “my Xperia” process name “”

2. Connect your cp usb to pc, open cmd command prompt on Windows

adb devices
adb shell
pm path
rm -rf /system/priv-app/MyXperia/MyXperia.apk

Then reboot your device and scan your phone again.

This is example of malware embedded in android firmware.
XFota.apk virustotal analysis

Tested on my Windows 10

If you have questions just leave comment here.

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